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 Chat Server Software Solution
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Live Person-to-Person Chat Solution

Offer Live Person-to-Person Chat Service from your Website or Intranet. 

Simply place the e-BusinessChat hyperlink/graphic in your Website. No software to download or install.


Obtain your own Chat Server Software
With your own chat server you obtain a Chat system that can meet the needs of your enterprise. 

Customize your chat server so chat users can Chat with a selected department in your company.


Chat Server Features

  • Logon and respond to Chat from your home or office computer. The service works from anywhere, worldwide. 

  • Multiple Chat session by a single agent. Company agents can open more than one chat session at the same time.

  • Department Routing. Your e-BusinessChat calls can be routed to a specific department in your company. Configure your chat departments (or subject categories) online.

  • Chat Conferencing: Permit others to join an existing chat conversation.

  • Chat Logging: Keep a record of chat conversations.

  • Agent Authentication and authorization.

  • Unlimited Chat connections.

  • Audio alert. Your computer rings when a chat call arrives. You do not have to sit at the computer waiting for chat. Your computer rings when a chat call arrives. (Optional)

  • Easy setup in only a few minutes. No hardware or software purchase necessary. Simply put a link in your Web page and start receiving chat calls immediately.

  • Customize your Chat Window, so your chat clients see your company advertisements.